Sep. 1, 2018

Finally Home

Eagle Aug 2018

We are home. So peaceful, so nice to settle back in and start getting prepped for winter. Last minute notification from our renter in Wasilla is causing us to have to return to Wasilla and get the house there winterized before we get the wood supply in. The good thing is, we have trees on our property there we can drop and bring back with us so it's not a wasted trip.

Our middle daughter has a soccer tournament in Tri Valley next weekend, so a whirlwind of road trips lie ahead of us. The benefit of this is we can hunt on our way down and back and hopefully fill our freezers.

Getting home, we discovered a grizzly bear had torn up some things under our deck. At least he didn't break into the cabin!! Our garden is overgrown with weeds, but our potatoes are ready for digging up!

Monday night we were sitting on the couch and a knock at our back door surprised us. We weren't expecting company. Looking through the window I saw my good friend Adam standing there smiling! What an awesome drop in! He and his hunting buddy Chris had driven up to hunt moose, caribou and bear. We welcomed them in and made up the spare room and couch for them to crash for a few days while they hunt the area.

We talked for many hours into the night, watching for the northern lights to dance across the sky. Stormy weather clouded the sky so we all retreated to bed at 1 am.

Breakfast was coffee, eggs and sausage. Accompanied with excited conversation about the day's hunt looming ahead. They headed out to find some game, we stayed to continue unpacking.