Aug. 19, 2018

Old Glory wins the day!

Aug 19- We slept in til 9 am today, first day we've really done that this entire trip. Easy morning getting ready to head out. Walked to the US Embassy. When we saw Old Glory waving strong, we both stood and looked at our flag for awhile. We both miss home immensely. It was comforting to see. We wandered past and found a coffee shop, sat and had a cappuccino, then headed into a beautiful park. We meandered aimlessly, taking photos and enjoying the green grass, sculptures, landscaping and water fountains.

Walking back we found alot of people were entering a large covered arena and figured we'd check it out. The front security guy asked for tickets, we held our hands out showing we had none. He pointed to a counter so we headed to it. Trying to ask how much a ticket was, wasn't working. The counter guy finally got frustrated with us and waved us in saying, pass, pass, and pointing inside. So in we went for free to discover an outdoor show with a ton of booths and some old military exhibits.

We browsed and stopped at a booth that had police and military gear. We told them we were retired police from Alaska. They showed us patches and exchanged friendly broken english chit chat. We walked away and were headed to another booth when one of the guys from the police booth caught up to us and stopped us.

"You are police from Alaska?" He asked.

" Yes, retired police me, " I said pointing to myself, "and retired military police him," pointing to Nate.

"Very good!" He replied, " gift for you! " and handed us both Argentina police thin blue line patches and SOG stickers.

Well, that was certainly cool!

So we kept on, Nate chatted with military guys. We looked at a bunch of rifles and handguns on display, each having a poster from popular American movies that had the specific gun in it.

We found the kayaks we'd love to get, took photos and found out they do international shipping.

A guy selling boxer puppies on the corner caught our attention and Nate had to pet the puppies. They were very cute. The guy spoke English fairly well, told us about his grandfather from Spain and how he'd just moved here from his grandparents place in the country to the big city of Buenos Aires. He told us how different it was here than in the country. He was happy we liked Argentina and it's people. It was nice talking to him while Nate played with the puppies.

We decided to walk deeper into town to the weekend outdoor craft market. We stopped at Sullivan's bar, had an amazing lunch of tenderloin kabobs, mozzarella sticks, fried chicken strips and some awesome breaded fried shrimp.

Full, we wandered the market and didn't find anything we needed. So we returned to our room, just in time to beat the rain. We found an English speaking movie channel on tv and have been enjoying a relaxing evening, watching movies, drinking coffee and just relaxing.

It was a great day!