Aug. 15, 2018

Recoleta walk amongst the tombstones

Aug 15- We are back in Buenos Aires. Yesterday we rode Plusmar bus from Mar del Plata to BA. It was a long 6 hour ride and we got stuck in road construction for an hour just inside BA near the bus terminal.

At the terminal, some guy in a ballcap that said "taxi" across it, insisted on flagging one down for us. He wouldn't let us walk up to one without him, so, not knowing local protocol, we let him do his thing. After loading our backpacks in the truck he asked for money. We said no. He got offended. Seems to be status quo... Took the taxi to our hostel in the Recoleta division of Buenos Aires. Got out of the taxi and the driver tried charging us an extra 20% for transportation of our bags. I just kept saying "no espanol and no comprendo." He finally snatched the $120 peso cab fare I was holding out in my hand for him and stormed off.

We checked in and went to our room where the heater was stuck on inferno from hell. We couldn't turn it off. We slept on top of the covers and still sweated all night. Luckily we found Jays American food restaurant a mile away, so we walked there for breakfast and enjoyed our first remotely close version of eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes and bacon. Pretty good!

We walked to the Recoleta Cemetery where the rich and famous of Argentina are buried. We took tons of pictures! It was incredible! The marble work and bronze work was amazing!! We ran into a flight crew from Delta Airlines, who were touring the cemetery while on layover today. They let us join their motley crew toward the end of their tour with their english speaking tour guide, which was pretty cool to learn about the people buried here.

We ended up speaking to a young man and two young ladies, all college students, who were from Buenos Aires, visiting the cemetery. The man spoke good English and asked where we were from. Alaska, we told him. This intrigued the group and we told them stories of bear and moose hunts and how great our home is. We spoke of the places we'd been to in South America. Then he said,

"Excuse me for asking, but I assume since you are from America and live this way, you are Republicans."

We both laughed and shook our heads.

"No, we are both Libertarians. We believe people should be allowed freedom with minimal governing."

This excited him greatly and he showed us his libertarian pin on his sachel.

"I am libertarian too!" He exclaimed.

We talked alot about politics and it was interesting and entertaining.

We walked about the cemetery and saw Eva Peron's final resting place as well as several presidents and generals and other high ranking individuals. Very intriguing place. Very peaceful.

We stopped thru several beautiful city parks, saw some amazing statues, got two pints of stout beer from a craft beer pub and enjoyed people walking by staring at us in our t-shirts while they were bundled in parkas.

We walked into a 5 story mall that our youngest would've thought she'd died and gone to shopping heaven. Not our thing though, so we did the stroll, got some coffee, perused a book store, bought some cool books and headed back thru town.

Tonight is dinner and a movie. Stay tuned!!