Aug. 12, 2018

Tattoos, an archaic carousel and bad fish

Aug 11- yesterday we started our morning off with another near brawl with 2 drunks. We had barely stepped out of the hotel not 3 steps when two crazy eyed looking drunks stumbled toward us and started harassing us to give them something. Again, language barrier, but body language speaks volumes. I kept shooing them away and saying, just go away. They weren't about to do that evidently. They were getting really loud and worked up. I told Nate, just step back inside, this isnt worth it. So we stepped inside and the hotel clerks had gathered, watching the confrontation thru the window. One asked what was going on and Nate said, those two drunks just came over and started harassing us. All 4 hotel staff went outside to confront the drunks and the drunks started getting rowdy with them. The hotel staff flagged down a foot patrol officer who came to take care of business.

Way to start off the morning. Well, our plan was to go get tattooed, so as soon as the ruckus cleared, we went to the tattoo parlor and set up our tats. Nate got a tribal bear on his lower leg and I got a wolf howling at the moon with the northern lights twisted into it. Both tats took 6 hours total and only cost us $150 USD. No way could we ever have gotten these specific tats in Alaska for that price and they did a great job!

We got dinner at Cocina Mama, home cooked Argentina food. Wasn't too bad. Fell asleep watching American comedians on Facebook.

Aug 12- started our morning off as usual with coffee and bread. Today we decided was a hike the city day. We probably hiked 6-7 miles today. We saw statues, memorial parks, cathedrals, old architecture, beautiful homes, lively beaches and crashing surf.

We rode a carnival carousel that was archaic. The lady charged us $50 pesos to ride, which was about $3 total. So we hopped on some nice looking carousel horses. As Nate stepped up onto his it creaked and groaned then the horse sank to the floor.

The lady came over and pointed to the sleigh, fixed to the floor and we assume said, "you guys are too heavy for those horses! Get off and ride in there! "

We laughed and got into the sleigh, rode the carousel in circles for a few minutes and then hopped out to go play on the statues and climb some trees near the cathedral.

We stopped for dinner at a highly recommended seafood restaurant. We ordered the variety platter of deep fried squid babies, shrimp, seafood stew, pickled seafood, kalamari and mussels. It was not good. We ate about a fourth of the platter and the stench of fish was so overwhelming we had to stop eating. It was rubbery, very fishy tasting and really just not good. The waiter seemed very disappointed that we didn't like it. We felt bad about that.

Walking back to the hotel, we decided to get ice cream. We ordered two 1/2 kilos each, not realizing how big that actually is. Headed back to the hotel to type this up and watch some movies.

Now on a back note, every time we've approached the hotel, the main front doors are pull open doors and I always walk up and try to push them open, sooo.... As we approached the front hotel doors, Nate got a sudden burst of energy and pounced ahead of me yelling, "I got this" as he lunged forward to pull open the door for me. In his sudden burst he forgot there is a small step in front of the door, his toe caught it and he went headfirst toward the glass doors, nearly face planting straight into the doors, but somehow, managed to grab the door handle and prevent a catastrophe. It made me laugh out loud. It was a spectacular display of graceful clumsiness. He started laughing too. We walked inside.

As we approached the elevators he said, "at least we ended the day with laughter and ice cream!"

Can't ask for anything better than that!!