Aug. 10, 2018

T bones and handcuffs

Aug 10 evening- I've decided that no matter where we go, the two of us attract trouble. Not quite sure why, but it's certainly a trend.

So we headed to the Palace of Beef for dinner and it was certainly that! We ordered two T- bones that had to be 16 ounces each. They filled an entire plate alone. The side dishes also were piled high on their own plates. Nate ate enough to have a visible food baby inside him and he said he had to make sure he didn't unintentionally flip over the table when he stood up. It was absolutely incredible tasting! By far in the top two as far as rating all the steaks we've tried this trip!

Totally filled to the brim, we ventured out to walk off some of dinner. Busy sidewalks full of pedestrian traffic and many vehicles cruising the streets. As we were minding our own business chatting as we walked, two extremely drunk males stepped in front of us, stopping us in our tracks. Red flags went up. They were chattering, asking us something in Spanish. I said, "no habla espanol, sorry." We tried breaking conversation off and step around. They moved closer in, smiling and trying to close the distance.

The taller one said, "where you from?"
"Alaska," Nate replied as the shorter one stepped near him.

In fairly quick succession, it happened like this...

Short guy grabs Nate's arm as tall one is saying something about Canada. Seeing physical contact has been made and knowing these two are up to no good, I step forward to physically throw short guy to the ground, Nate is stepping back to get leverage to do the same. We're both thinking this is going go get ugly.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a police cruiser filled with 4 officers skid to a stop as they see the confrontation escalating. Quick as a flash they are out of the car surrounding us, pulling short guy rapidly away from us. The tall drunk takes off running down the sidewalk and two officers break off to pursue. I side step out, Nate backs up. They catch the runner and pull short drunk onto the hood of the car.

There's handcuffs involved, and short guy gets stuffed into the cruiser. Another patrol car arrives and has the other guy in the back of theirs. I ask one of the officers if it's ok to leave and he gives the thumbs up, "it's tambien," he says. So we leave. No blood shed, no bruised knuckles, all teeth intact. Close call.

Somebody up above has got our guardian angels working overtime this trip. Guess we're gonna owe them alot of drinks when we get home someday...