Aug. 10, 2018

Get the bouncer!

Aug 9- At the pleading request from our faithful reader Eddie Cohen to "get with the program and update our blog!" , here ya'all go!

We've been stuck in Rosario due to a freakin bus strike, bored out of our minds and tired of second hand marijuana smoke swirling around our hipster hostel we ended up in.

We decided to catch a bus to Mar del Plata since Empreza bus remains on strike. So, tickets in hand at noon, we sat and wandered and sat some more, patiently waiting and people watching until 9 pm when the bus arrived.

Now we've been travelling thru Uruguay and Argentina for 3 weeks and at no point have we ever had any issue with our backpacks being loaded into the cargo hold of a bus. Until now. nate takes the packs back to have it tagged and loaded. The loader starts to pick up a pack, puts it back down and says, "no, too heavy." An argument ensued. Homeless loader guy is yelling at Nate, Nate gets frustrated and they almost get into a fist fight. Homeless guy is yelling at Nate to give him money. Nate says no and insists the bags be loaded. The driver gets off the bus and starts yelling AT US in Spanish. We don't have a clue what is going on. I'm holding the tickets in my hand, pointing to our bags, saying, "we're all going to Mar del Plata. Those aren't heavy. All it is are clothes." The driver waves the loader to the other side of the bus and he still refuses to load our backpacks, so Nate picks up the packs and throws them both in and grabs the bag tags out of the loaders hand. We get on the bus, furious and tired, but we and our gear are headed to Mar del Plata on an overnight bus ride.

Aug 10- We arrive in Mar del Plata. We're exhausted. It's drizzling rain. Overcast. 7 am. We stand in the rain waiting for a taxi. We are whisked away to our steal of a deal $20 USD a night hotel room a block from the beach. We shower and crash hard.

Several hours later, we're up, refreshed, ready to hit the town. Wow, this town is hoppin! We strolled the Atlantic coast, had cappuccinos in a castle, were befriended by a street vendor that sucked us into a farmers market and ran ahead of us proclaiming to all,

"hey everybody, these two noobs are from Alaska, fresh meat! Ready? Pounce!!"

(At least that's what we figured he was saying as it was all in rapid Spanish)

And just like that we were the stars of the flea market and everyone wanted our attention.

We laughed, tried to communicate, bought some homemade coffee liquor and mint liquor, a jar of olives fresh canned from Cordoba and a gift for Kenzie. All in all, a good afternoon. Now, El Palacio del bife is calling upon us to partake in their yummy beef products. Come on, who's gonna say no to eating at "THE PALACE OF BEEF!" We'll let you know how that goes...