Aug. 8, 2018

Evening in Rosario

Aug 8 evening- We went out to look for dinner. Along the way we stopped at an archery dojo to watch them practice their traditional arts. We were asked if we would be interested in shooting. Absolutely! So Nate went first and under the instruction of a black belt traditional archery master, he took a couple shots. He hit the target on the lower edge of the ring the second shot. The form of shooting is vastly different from American archery. Different stance, different finger placement, shooting from the lower chest rather than sighting in.

"From the soul," he kept saying in Spanish, pointing to his heart. Then he'd fling an arrow down range.

My turn. I handed the kindle to Nate so he could now record me. The instructor was a little baffled that I shoot left handed. But we worked thru it after I initially dropped my first knocked arrow. I pulled back and instinctively let it fly "from my soul" and managed to hit inside the middle ring of the target. I only shot once as the movement of pulling back the bow in their style caused some fireworks in my arm from my shoulder injury.

But it was fun and entertaining! We exchanged info with him and headed to a pizza joint they recommended nearby.

We found the spot and ordered a carnivora pizza. One would assume that is a carnivore all meat pizza, am I wrong? Well, pizza came out and it had pot roast looking meat chunks and corn with a little cheese melted on top of thin crust. It smelled like a southwestern flavored pizza.

While we ate we reviewed videos of our shooting traditional bows. Both videos I took of Nate turned out great. I hit play for the two videos he shot of me. Both played about 30 seconds of the floor mats. Hmmm. I smell a conspiracy brewing here...

"What's up with that?" I asked Nate.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. " He replied.
"You probably did that on purpose because I outshot you!" I said.
He responded, "you have no proof of that now, do you?"

Then he smiled. My conspiracy was confirmed. He's gonna stick to his story though that he's terrible at taking photos and videos with a kindle. Right...

We ate it the pizza and it wasn't bad. While we sat finishing our beer, Nate apologizing for not videotaping my archery shoot and watching the Argentina versus Paraguay soccer game on tv, a man carrying a 50# bag of Purina dogfood over his shoulder walked in. He went to the register and someone from the back came out, handed him cash and took the dogfood into the kitchen area.

Things that make you go, Hmmmm.

We decided there are only two viable options here.

1) they add dogfood to their regular food they serve after 8 pm as a filler for empanadas or something.

2) they have a kennel out back to feed the dogs they use to make the mystery meat for their carnivora pizzas.

We opted for #2. Dog meat doesn't taste that bad!

Good times...