Aug. 8, 2018

Headed to Rosario

Aug 7- on the road again, (somehow when I typed that phrase, the song "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson popped in my head and now it's in yours, hahaha) to Rosario. Unfortunately due to communication issues, we evidently landed on the long bus that makes a bazillion stops along the way. We're now slated for a 12 hour bus ride instead of 8... Ugh. Hope the scenery is worth it.

We stopped at the Cordoba bus terminal again on the way back toward Buenos Aires. We had been sitting in our seats for an exceptionally long time when everyone around us suddenly picked up their belongings and got off the bus. Sometimes when you see the herd moving, you should follow...

I looked out the window and one of the bus riders was motioning for us to get off the bus. So we did. I found the driver and tried to deduce thru hand signs the bus was muerto. Dead. New bus is coming. Wait here. Watch your bags.

So we stood and waited and watched for a grueling hour, not really knowing what was going on with our ride to Rosario. Well, Nate darted into the terminal to get us lunch since nobody there took Visa.

Side note: always carry a good amount of local currency when travelling to remote places as many don't take plastic...

New bus arrived. We got settled in and ate our very flavorful hamburguesas. Kind of like a hamburger, but not. Thin flat meat with a slice of ham and cheese all in a bun. I swear they LOVE ham and cheese EVERYTHING here! Food in bellies, we thought we'd enjoy some scenery.

The view of dust devils rocking our bus and palm trees bent over hard in the blowing wind while the tons of trash littering Argentina swirled in devilish delight, made for not so awesome scenery. We've been travelling half a day so far. This storm has wet the exterior windows with rainfall and swirling dust, encasing us in mud streaked mottled windows not even worth looking out as the wind blows us side to side down the road headed South.