Aug. 6, 2018

El Zapato and Oreo dog

Aug 6- Chillin at the hotel today enjoying the sunshine with dark beers, water and a pool. Nate has a stomach bug so we're sticking close to the bathroom. Nice relaxing day. Yesterday we hiked 4 miles round trip to El Zapato, the shoe. A rock formation the really looks like a shoe. We did some bouldering, hiked in the desert and enjoyed the views. We met Maximillian, a gift shop owner that spoke English fairly well. We bought the girls a trinket. A black and white female dog decided to be our companion for about 4 hours as we hiked. We named her Oreo. She was a scrapper! She'd fight every dog we walked by. We finally ditched her by ducking into a restaurant fora lasagna lunch. We went to the bus station and bought bowls of Cheerios to Rosario for Tuesday morning. Should be an 8 hour bus ride. Got lodging secured in Rosario as well.

Looking at campsites throughout Argentina, you have to pay as much as you would for a 3 star hotel to go camping, so we've opted for beds and showers along the way. We've used everything except our cold weather thermals out of our backpacks thus far. Not regretting anything we packed except those, they do weigh a bit. But, we didn't know and assumed winters here would be cold. They're not. At least for Alaskans they're not. We get stared at alot in our shorts and t-shirts by locals bundled in arctic parkas and scarves.

Tomorrow will be a travel day. Once in Rosario, we'll stay 2 nights and explore the city during the days. We are drawing near our departure, only 2 more weeks. Home is calling. We decided 5 weeks is a bit much to leave the kids and the homestead. We miss home. Miss our morning coffee and American breakfasts. Miss the kids. Miss the quiet of our property. Miss our routines. We're ready to be home!

We have 8 cords of firewood still needing to be dropped, cut and split. Getting ready for deep winter sets heavy in the back of our minds.

We have to harvest a moose and a caribou to get our meat supply in for winter. We have no garden this year, so we'll have to rely on food storage for that part to get us thru winter. Kids need annual checkups, dental visits are in order, pick up our dog from Nates folks, get building supplies to finish the roof and solidify the foundation. Bills to be paid, things to be done.

So much to do with so little time before first snowfall. And to top it all off, now we have to get our house in Wasilla sold as our renter gave us notice she's moving out September 1st. Roads to Eagle close mid October. That gives us about 6 weeks to get all this done. Gonna be bustin it when we get home, but we like it that way!!