Aug. 4, 2018

Alien contact

Aug 4- hike to Uritorco today was amazing and entertaining. This town is obsessed with other world phenomenon, spiritual juju from rocks, energy masses found only here, little troll like people that are mysterious and full of mystical powers, and a portal that mortals cannot pass thru, but alien beings can and it takes them to an underground city called Erks where they can world hop or travel thru another dimension. It's very fascinating...

So we hiked 3 miles uphill to find the lost city of Erks. It was dusty and hot. We were in t-shirts and hiking pants, carrying light daypacks with water. We were pouring buckets of sweat by the time we got to the top. Others we passed were bundled in heavy parkas with headcovers and scarves. They all looked at us like we may possibly be citizens of Erks, so we just smiled and proceeded on.

We had first contact with a green alien standing on a rock in front of a mystical gift shop. i wanted pictures for proof so I insisted Nate run up first (since I take better photos with the kindle). He hopped right in next to the lanky green bug eyed alien and gave the thumbs up. Snap. Pic taken. Hurry up Nate, my turn before he disappears!

Nate hopped down and I tossed him the kindle. The alien eyed me suspiciously as I approached. I boldly stepped forward and turned to get my pic taken with him. You won't even believe this without photo proof, but that jerk grabbed my boobs and laughed, just as Nate snapped the picture! The nerve!!

Well, having proof of first contact, we skeedadled outta there, not wanting to get probed next... I would've liked to see Erks gift shop though...

We had lunch at the cafe atop the hill. A large sandwich called "El Condor" was big enough for two people. A bottle of Imperial dark cream stout beer. A lunch that was truly out of this world! We were so full! We headed back down the hill and stopped into a mystical yard with piles of rocks and crystals and lots of dream catchers hanging everywhere.
"Hola," we said.
" buen dia, " the man and wife responded in unison. He began pointing to certain rocks, then to the sky, then more rocks, point to the sun, more rocks, point to the ground. He was talking quickly and had an excited tone. Whatever he was saying, he was very passionate about.
Well, that was fine until they both started rubbing the center of their chests in unison, then pointing to Nate and I, chanting, "ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY" and rubbing their chests again then pointing to the sky and all around.
Nate and I exchanged quick glances and simultaneously said, "buen dia, thanks!"

And just like that we vanished around the corner, away from the mystics. Several times we interacted with locals on the hill. Every one of them kept trying to tell us about this "Energy" here. We decided finally that those people must actually be aliens posing as humans and had we stuck around on that hill too long, we may have been transported to Erks...
Needless to say, no special energy was ever felt. Weirdness, weirdness was definitely felt. Tiredness from hiking 6 miles round trip was definitely felt. Sunburn from South American sunshine was definitely felt. Satisfaction at having had first contact and discovering how the alien people are actually already co-mingling with our race, priceless.