Aug. 3, 2018


Aug 3- We spent 2 nights in Cordoba. Population 1.3 million. Needless to say, the streets were pretty packed. Some of our observations thus far: Everyone here (including homeless people) have cell phones and they are obsessed with them. It's a worldwide epidemic. In the cities, like the States, people are cold and rude. In the smaller towns and villages, people are warm and friendly. Argentina is massive. Our next adventure to a foreign country will be an English speaking one. Always carry toilet paper and small bills. Dogs here are beloved, much like cats are gods in Egypt, dogs are treated very royally here. Speaking of cats, we've seen very few here. We found the tree that brooms grow on. Trash apparently grows on trees here too. Bags of trash hang from branches like forbidden fruit, ripe for the picking. Watch where you step at all times. If its not the doggy landmines that get ya, its the open pits and uneven sidewalks that will. Say buen dia to everyone you pass. Kiss people in friendly greetings on the left cheek, not the right. When panhandlers try to pester you, say no habla espanol. This one nearly didnt work for us when a sharp panhandler approached us with her wares of junk jewelry she was trying to sell.
"No," I said, waving her away.
" No"
She started asking us in a variety of different languages, of which I kept saying "no."
I pointed to the Alaska state emblem on my ballcap and said, "alaska."
She responded in perfect english, "oh, you're from Alaska, I didnt realize you spoke a different language! I hope you enjoy my country!"
I nodded and smiled. She did the same and walked away. Whew! That was a close one!! Ha!!

As we were walking thru crowded streets, we got a little turned around and needed a map to figure out where we were at. I started to pull out the map and Nate said, "don't pull out the map! You'll target is as tourists!" Ummm, okay Red Beard, I think they've all figured that out already... Regardless, i waited and we stepped inside an infant clothing store to pull out the tourist magnet and gather our bearings. The lady in the store smiled when she figured out we were lost and pointed out on the map where we were.
Re-oriented, we continued with exploration.
I saw two motorcycle cops sitting idly by and stopped to do a meet and greet. Thru handsigns and broken spanish/english on all our parts, we talked about guns and patrol cars and crime rates. Took a picture with them and wished them safe.
On we travelled to a fresh fruit and vegetable market where I filmed a short walk thru the horde. Two locals asked us to film them standing together, so we did.
Navigating the bus terminal, we finally found the bus we needed to buy tickets for. A sign above hung down, I saw in meant "tickets" and said the translation out loud.
"Boliterios" I stated and pointed ahead.
" Bowl of Cheerios " Nate responded.
Both of us being hard of hearing, I turned and looked at him curiously.
"You want a bowl of Cheerios?" I asked.
" No, it just sounded like bowl of Cheerios when you said boliterios, " he chuckled.
So now, when we buy tickets, we're going to get a bowl of Cheerios...
The hostel we stayed in, hostel meditteranea, was very pleasant and laid back. We enjoyed our two nights there.

We have arrived in Capilla del Monte, tomorrow we go hunt for little green aliens on mount uritorco, a famous spot for seeing UFO's. We will succeed in first contact...