Jul. 24, 2018

Iguazu falls

July 24- It's a good thing we went to Iguazu Falls national park yesterday as today it is overcast and drizzly. What an awesome place to visit! We walked thru the jungle, observing birds, monkeys and coaties. Even saw some fish in the river. There were alot of people there, but they tended to run in herds, so we'd step aside and let the herd pass so we could continue on in relative peace. We heard crickets and chattering birds. We experienced the awe of Iguazu falls even though it is currently dry season here and the water levels are low. I can only imagine the power of these falls during the rainy season! It was very beautiful. We took hundreds of pictures trying to capture the magnificence of Iguazu, but pictures can't do justice. Definitely a place to visit in your lifetime!
We ate lunch at a cafe and had hamburgers that didn't taste quite right. Maybe it was just a local thing because everyone was ordering burgers and seemed to really enjoy them.
Today we head to the bus terminal to try and secure tickets to Resistencia, Argentina. The language barrier is daunting here but we are getting by ok so far. It'll be a walk around see the town day as we are leaving tomorrow morning hopefully.
Make sure to check out the photo section of this blog for pictures and videos of Iguazu!