Jul. 22, 2018

Bread and brats!

July 22- What a long day! Bus arrived in Concordia at 3:45 am, putting us almost an hour behind schedule. We both fell asleep almost immediately upon getting comfy in our not so comfy semi reclining seats. We woke up about 5 hours into our ride. I woke up to a little Argentinean boy and his brother kicking our seats from behind. I was tolerant only briefly as the kicks got harder. I turned around and said to him loudly and firmly, "Stop kicking the seats!" Now this kid didn't speak a lick of English, but I got my point across! It stopped, for awhile... A few hours later, they started kicking again. this time I stood up and towered over them, loudly yelling, " I told you to STOP!! " Well, they stopped immediately and the little boy started bawling. His mother, who was sitting in the other row, said something to the effect of, " She warned you once already! You need to stop! " No more seat kicking occurred...but I think those two boys are terrified of Americans now. They walked by as they exited the bus many hours later, looking back at me with wide terror filled eyes...
For lunch they served us a tray filled with a variety of breads and a Styrofoam cup of sprite. Every meal we've had in Argentina and Uruguay comes with so much bread!! The lunch tray had a thin sandwich with a thin slice of ham and cheese, a ham filled pastry, a lemon cake, a cheese topped bread and a potato cake. Every place we stopped to pick up passengers, a local would come aboard with a basket or bag filled with bread and walk down the aisle yelling, "cheentas" or something like that, we couldn't understand the word they were yelling, but regardless, it was more bread!!
The topography was pretty and we passed thru several small towns and large cities. Nothing really exciting enough to write about though. We began to realize how big Argentina actually is as the hours ticked by slowly and we finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu at 6:30 pm. The bus hub was busy and once again, no TP in the bathrooms! But no TP Nazis haging out in the bathrooms here!

We did a money exchange in a small sketchy room, because all the regular money changers were closed. We didn't get swindled too bad! Enough exchanged for food, drinks and taxi fare. We caught a taxi and took it to our hotel. The hotel, Harsha Petit Hotel Holistico, is newly remodeled, our room has a smell of fresh paint. Upon check in, we were asked what we wanted for breakfast. The cook (she's from Panama and speaks excellent English) asked if we wanted an American breakfast. Yes!! Yes we do!! She's making us omelets with a fruit tray on the side at 8 am and it comes with the price of the room!

Best interaction of the day:
"Is the pool open?"
The host looked at us with a raised eyebrow, "No, it's closed. You do know it's winter here? Where are you from?"
"Alaska," we replied.
"Oh, then for you it's open, but there's leaves in the pool and the water is clear."
LOL!! Here we were showing up in shorts and t-shirts and everyone else is wearing heavy coats and scarves! It's actually really nice temps here!!

We were pretty tired from a LONG day travel, so decided to heat up water and make our backpack meal for dinner with pikes place coffee to wash it down. It was backpackers pantry pad thai. So amazing!! While we waited for it to rehydrate, we went down and talked to the cook. She is really into nature stuff and seemed very intrigued by our Alaskan lifestyle. She told us of some good places to go here. Iguazu will be our playground for the next 3 days!