Jul. 21, 2018

Panhandlers and TP nazis

July 21- After a long night of listening to Uruguayan dogs barking with a Uruguayan accent (seriously, they bark differently than American dogs!) we got up and had a light breakfast. Mr Gomez took us to the bus station as promised and we said our farewells. Got on the bus after wandering around Salto a bit. There really is nothing to do in Salto. Once aboard the bus, we headed to the border with subway sandwiches in our packs to get a taste of something we're used to. The border was closer than we thought and we were shoveling down our sandwiches like starving dogs as they were directing us back off the bus to go thru customs. The border crossing was easy. Back on the bus we went. Then another short ride to Concordia Argentina. We met 4 young men, backpackers from Ecuador, who assisted us in translation to get our bus tickets printed. We tried to get an earlier bus instead of the 3 am departure, but everything was full. So we were slated to a 12 hour hang out at the bus terminal. Now there's less to do in Concordia than there is in Salto, so we people watched while the sun was out, watched the pigeons and the occasional horse drawn wagon clopping by next to the cars whizzing by.

Now for those of you that have been to Argentina, you should've warned us about panhandlers and toilet paper nazis!! We were approached by countless people trying to sell us everything from trinkets to food. Then, having to use the bathroom, we discovered there is a toilet paper monitor in every bathroom that guards the sacred papers. If you want to obtain any of it, you have to pay them. Good thing I'm always prepared and had actually put a partial roll in my backpack! We were also lucky to plan ahead and had bought a small bag of baby wipes before leaving the States. Lucky for us or this could've been a totally different read!! We are still waiting in the loud crowded terminal for our bus. 4 hours more of waiting, patiently while we fend off the panhandlers who lurk in every corner...