Jul. 20, 2018

A day at the springs

July 20- Wonderful relaxing day at the hot springs! The springs cost us $8 USD. We soaked our bones and then went to lunch. Lunch was good, large plates of food cost us $30 USD. Our hostel is very cheap. $45 USD a night. We met the hostel owner, Mr. Gomez. Super friendly, English speaking, well travelled older gentleman. He helped us purchase bus tickets to Iguazu Falls online. Good thing we ran into him because there were only 2 seats left on the bus! It's holiday time in Argentina so all buses are full. Best we could get was leaving Concordia Argentina on june 22 at 3am. Which works great, because after a 14 hour bus ride we arrive in Iguazu at 5:30 pm and the hotel we reserved shuts down at 10pm. The bus ride costs $45 USD each. Unheard of prices state side for such long bus rides. We have reserved 3 nights in Iguazu which gives us plenty of time to explore the area and see everything. Mr. Gomez offered to give us a ride in his personal vehicle to Salto tomorrow morning to get us to the bus station to cross the border of Argentina into Concordia. He said, "I need to call your fathers and tell them you are safe and I am feeding you well! You two are on a grand adventure!"