Jul. 19, 2018

Bus ride to Termas de Dayman

July 19- We took the Agencia Central bus to Termas de Dayman just outside Salto. The road from Fay Bentos to Paysandu was very full of pot holes and we got pretty bounced around. Otherwise the roads were good. It was pouring rain the entire way. The heating unit in the bus that ran along the floor had busted and antifreeze swirled under our feet for the 8 hour ride. My backpack was on the floor and before I realized the floor was wet it soaked the bottom of my bag and my alpaca fleece jacket. We arrived at the bus terminal and hopped off in a downpour. No idea where to go to get to the hostel we had booked. So we went in the terminal to see if anyone spoke English. Nobody did. A bunch of pointing and trying to understand where we were to go, ended up with us standing outside the terminal looking like lost puppies, dreading a hike in the downpour to futily try to locate our hostel. A guy in a car rolled down his window and said, " taxi? "
We hopped in the unmarked car, hoping we weren't being whisked away by a drug cartel minion looking to score a quick ransom and headed into the dark country roads in the pouring rain. We arrived shortly at the hostel thankfully, paid him $100 pesos, which is about $3 USD. We had arrived! It's a nice little hostel. Luckily the desk lady had a translator and we were able to get our antifreeze soaked laundry sent to the laundromat and order a really good ham and cheese enchilada with 2 actual coffees! Off to bed we go, anxious to see this area in the daylight!