Jul. 19, 2018

Colonia Uruguay

July 19- Travelled via Turil bus to Colonia. Enroute to the bus station in Montevideo, our cab was held up for several minutes as dozens of horses with riders paraded by. We took a short video. We arrived at the bus station and realized we'd left our water canteens in the fridge at Casa Sarandi. Karen messaged us and said the canteens were headed our way via Uber. Lol, love how everything seems to be working out for us!

Arrived in Colonia and were picked up by Eddie Cohen, who we'd been chatting with for several months on Facebook. He drove us around town but it was raining so hard we couldn't see anything, so after getting turned around, he finally found our hotel, Colonia Suites. We rented a bungalow for $80USD. It was quaint. Leaky roof that dripped thru the night and got nate's underwear soaked. We walked for several hours around old town and took lots of pictures.

We walked the street of sighs, "calle de los suspiros" which historically was the brothel lined street where prisoners slated for execution were walked to their execution spot. It was a bit spine tingly. Nate pointed out that children were extra sensitive to the supernatural and sure enough in the crowd of people visiting the famous street, all the children were either crying or pressing their bodies tightly against the old stone walls, obviously very uncomfortable there.

We proceeded to see the lighthouse and old cannons lining the old port walls. It got dark so we grabbed a bite to eat. Chivitos were our dinner washed down with Patricia beer which tastes worse than Budweiser! Nate was a champ and drank most of the liter. We headed back to the hotel and crashed hard.

Checkout was at 11 so we were just getting up around 9 when the host knocked on the door and held out a strawberry tarte. He said, "Happy Birthday to him!" and handed me the tarte with a candle and a box of matches. Confused, wondering if I'd somehow become a bad girlfriend and forgot his birthday, I said, " I guess it's your birthday today babe. Make a wish! " While he was blowing out his candle I quickly did the calendar in my head and knew there was no way it was already his birthday, so I did a mental "whew" and we pressed on.

We wanted to grab a bite to eat and coffee at the corner cafe. It was pouring buckets of rain. We stepped inside and we saw what was considered a breakfast buffet we think?? It didn't look good at all so we opted for just coffee. Sat down and i could see this old Uruguayan guy pouring our coffee into two cups. He then sneezed, twice, right over our cups. Then coughed several times, also right over our cups. I told nate, we aren't drinking that. We stood up, went to the counter, said "we're leaving, no coffee!!" and walked out the door. Not sure if they understood us or not but that was just disgusting!!

We caught a cab to the bus terminal and ordered tickets to Salto, an eight hour ride. We had a few hours to kill so we stepped outside, intent on finding breakfast and coffee. Who's sitting in the parking lot? Eddie Cohen. He asked if we wanted to drive around. What the hell, why not? So he took us to a good breakfast place (La Pasiva) where we had ham and cheese croissant with cafe de meil which was a honey coffee with nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices. It was very good!

Eddie took us to see Dee Garden, also a person we'd been chatting with on Facebook. It was nice to meet these sweet people. They were very friendly and helpful. Eddie drove us all around, sightseeing and even got to go 4 wheeling in his truck when we hit a flooded dirt road out in the middle of a national park! It was quite a great way to kill a few hours before our long bus ride!

Eddie dropped us at the cemetery in Colonia and stayed in the truck while we went exploring. We found headstones from the early 1800's, crypts were all over and mosques lined the walls making it look like the apartments of the dead. It was pouring rain, foggy and thunder was rumbling. A few flashes of lightning added to the eeriness. I saw an open crypt that had stairs leading below. The draw to go down was great and i kinda pranced around a bit pretending to take pics.
Nate said, " you want to go down there don't you? "
"YES! Yes i do!" I replied.
He said, "No, you really shouldn't go down there. "
So we walked away, but I kept thinking it would be so cool to go see what was down there so i tried circling around and he said, "you're circling around so you can go down there aren't you?"
" Um, ya, it's sucking me back. "
"No, we're not messing with the dead." He said.
At that point I unintentionally stepped on the corner of a crypt stone. Nate said, "you just stepped on the dead." Thunder boomed overhead and the gloom seemed to darken.
Ok, ok. I get it. Time to go. So we left the apartments of the dead and hopped back in Eddie's truck. He dropped us off at the bus station. Off to Salto we go!