Jul. 15, 2018

Dallas Texas

Great night sleep at Best Western in Irving. So good in fact we intentionally skipped the complimentary breakfast they offered in exchange for hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep. Free shuttle to the airport, the Ethiopian driver stepped out to load our backpacks into the van and said in broken english, "you go sit anywhere," so naturally, Nate asked if he could drive (I woulda just hopped in the driver seat). The Ethiopian driver grinned a huge white toothed grin and shook his head, "no, no, no!'" So we hopped in the back and travelled in air conditioned luxury to the airport as Nate entertained the giggling Ethiopian driver who apparently thought Nate was pretty funny. Dropped our backpacks into check in to Argentina, then hit Tigins Irish Pub for lunch. Wonderful cheeseburger and roast beef sandwiches washed down by Smithwicks Irish Red Ale filled our bellies and killed our daily food budget, but it was worth it! Our flight leaves at 7 pm and 11 hours later we will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina headed to the port to catch the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay.