Jul. 14, 2018

heading to Seattle

South American adventure logs... Stardate 2018

July 14- arrived at anchorage international at 0430, plane leaves at 0600, so we are rushing thru security. Nate forgets his trekking poles and kindle at security checkpoint. Way to start a trip... But he remembered and got them last minute.

Plane ride to Seattle, Nate gets seated beside two nice old ladies from Mississippi. I get the greek couple who kept arguing in their native tongue the entire trip. The weird old greek lady next to me kept unbuckling, stand up, sit down, buckle up, unbuckle again, crawl over me, go to the bathroom, crawl back over me, then start all over. She did this 7 times on a 3 hour flight.

The old greek man sneezed all over my arm, wet snot that i had to wipe off on my shorts. So gross. Glad we brought emergenc-e packets. Luckily he got up before we took off and moved to an empty row, which caused their argument to get louder but at least he wasn't right next to me the whole time. Those old greek farts better not have gotten us sick!! Nate felt sick and broke out in a sweat while mid air. Once off the plane he felt better. He's ok now.

Ate breakfast at Bigfoot cafe. Two sandwiches and coffees, $35. Dang. Found the watering hole, filled up canteens and added emergenc-e packets to battle the impending greek plague.

Sat down for coffee at Seattle's best, to update the blog, 4 more hours to burn while we wait for our connection to Dallas. Ugh.