The Winds of Wanderlust

Jan. 24, 2018

The winds of wanderlust

It is dark outside. Dark all day. Dark all night. Arctic winds howl outside, wisps of cold air slowly seep into the cabin, creating a slight chill even with the woodstove blazing. 
Cabin fever has set in. I hear the wind and it sets my thoughts free. Winds of wanderlust. Travel is calling.
We begin looking into South America. Backpacking across the continent sounds like fun. 
Tickets are booked, travel guidebooks and waterproof national geographic maps for Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru are ordered.
For several weeks now, we have layed maps out on the floor, carefully following routes we found intriguing from the guidebooks. Our general itinerary is taking shape. Excitement is building. It's travel porn at its finest.
I lay there daydreaming about our trip. Walking dusty roads, backpacks loaded with minimal gear, meeting locals and learning how other cultures live day to day. Eating foreign foods, exploring ancient ruins, paragliding, sandboarding, ziplining, snorkeling, hiking, rafting, kayaking, riding horses, catching bus and taxi, all while navigating our way across South America for 2 months.
We have found a new focus to occupy the long dark Alaskan winter days and nights and we are in a peaceful zen, anticipating our upcoming adventure...