Pacific Crest Trail

Jan. 24, 2018

Pacific crest trail
2660 miles of hiking trail, known as the PCT or Pacific Crest Trail stretches from the California/Mexico border to the Washington/Canada border. It calls to me. Softly whispering in my ear, tales of adventure, epic trails and stunning vistas that await.  
A bit of a blast to my past story here: 
When I was 16, I joined the Northwest Youth Corp and spent my summer building fire lines, doing an archeological dig, building a fish hatchery for wild salmon and our crew built 20 miles of the PCT. 
We were young and energetic. We spent weeks in the remote wilderness, blazing a new trail that would soon link Mexico to Canada. 
I helped build that trail. I promised myself back then that one day I would hike this trail from start to finish because I had helped with its creation. Now, 30 years later, I still haven't fulfilled that promise to myself because life got in the way and I got too busy. But now, my kids are almost grown and we will soon be empty nesters. 
The PCT is once again in my target range. I'm locked and loaded now. I have 2 years to plan this trek. The youngest graduates in May 2020
It takes 5-6 months to thru-hike the PCT. If we left in May, we'd complete it in October. Perfect timing. 
So a childhood dream, born in the sweltering heat of a mid summer day, comes to life.  Deep in the Oregon wilderness as I swung a Pulaski repeatedly over my head, breaking new trail on an iconic American trail, I never could have dreamed of the life I would lead as an adult to get me back to this place where that dream was created... So here we go! Let the planning begin...