Summer construction projects

We built the outhouse frame, it's functional now, but not finished yet. Got all the bedrooms remodelled. Got a garden area tilled, fenced and planted. Built an entertainment firepit area we have dubbed "Survivor Island". The chicken coop is constructed and finished. We are in the process of building the pigpen area. We are also working on the barn. We've started the install on the Elmira wood cookstove and the Jotul Stove. The roof is only partly completed but we have the leaks stopped. We still have to get the pier blocks under the house fixed and concrete poured under them for better stabilization to the foundation. New front door put in and working on remodeling the pantry and dining room. Busy busy busy. We snuck a week in at fish camp and a trip to Wasilla during all this... I cant wait for winter to get here so we can finally slow down a bit!!