Wyldwoodz Wilderness Retreat

Wyldwoodz retreat is open seasonally May 1st thru September 31st. We accept military veterans and police officers needing peace and solitude. We work thru national non profit organizations such as The Wounded Blue and Veterans Against Suicide Foundation to sponsor these men and women to come to our retreat. 

Based on availability for individual groups. 

We also offer cabin rentals to individuals or groups who wish to enjoy our retreat and surrounding wilderness area. These spots are available when we are not sponsoring non profit events/ groups. Contact us for further information.

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Go for a walk out in the woods surrounding the retreat

Cost per person/retreat only

We offer room and board, $300/per person per day (24 hour period) to stay at the retreat.

You will stay in an 8-10 man tent, a 2-4 bed log cabin, or one of our extra bedrooms in the main house depending on the time of year.

We will provide 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Activities are available for extra cost. Please inquire. Seasonally adjusted. Seasonal availability.

Examples of activities:

Dog mushing, bicycle riding, 6-10 day raft/canoe trip on the Yukon River, hiking, fishing, camping under the stars, backpacking, swimming, historic tours, ATV's, lounging around at the retreat, hot tubbing, take a survival skills class, and more!