Bucky Beaver $120

15" dreamcatcher $120 SOLD

Santa ornament $20

Santa ornament $20

Trapper Tim $80

Trapper Tim $80

Caribou antler dream catcher with sinew web, beads, shells and feathers, $300

Paracord glove lanyards, ask for specific colors available, $40 each (with speed clips)/ $30 each (no clips, just a loop in each end)

Rabbit skin bags, color may vary, request specific colr if wanted, $40 each

Moose antler cribbage board #2, $100

Moose antler cribbage board $100

The forest SOLD

Sweet dreams SOLD

Sweet dreams SOLD

Red Salmon. $49

Jim Bob $80

Jim Bob and the Captain

oars and tree SOLD


Captain Bob SOLD