May. 7, 2019

Richard & Barbara Brueggebors


May God Bless and guide both of you and your family in your life in the Eagle area. It was a pleasure serving with you at the Willow-Caswell FD a few years back. My family and I now live near Abilene, TX on our 20 acre fixer upper farm, progressing as we have
the money. Again, God's Blessings on all of you! Love the blog!


Richard Brueggebors

Website Mar. 8, 2019

Louise Mocerino

You guys are the BEST. Hugs to my friends, where ever life may take you.

Feb. 18, 2019


Nice site. Looking forward to adventuring with you two.

Website Jan. 18, 2019


I hope that you are more and more successful.

Website Dec. 2, 2018


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Anoop Puthusheery

Impressive site.

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Like your blog, I will follow you.

Nov. 30, 2017

Marianne Schlegelmilch

Love your blog. What an adventure you are living.XOXOXO.

Oct. 9, 2017


From deep of my heart wishing you guys all the best! Stay safe and healthy Amen .

Website Jun. 1, 2017

Dave Arieno

Well then, the adventure continues...

AS you have surmised, the outhouse has taken priority! Dig, dig here, dig, dig there, and blood sacrifice to the Gods.... You have made the obligatory obeasence to the Tundra Pixies! Best wishes!

Mar. 27, 2017


What a great adventure. Wishing you the best

Mar. 27, 2017


Jess and Nate,

You two are my heros! What an amazing, wild, super inspiring adventure you are about to live! May you and your family find all you need to make it happy there. We wish you all the very best and look forward to reading all about it here.

Mar. 27, 2017


Just Right! I will come visit in 2 or 20 years! lol

Mar. 27, 2017

Deb Rumbo

I am so incredibly happy for you guys! Safe journey, sister! I am looking forward to hearing updates about all your adventures in this new chapter!

Mar. 27, 2017

Kara Grimes

So glad you are doing what you have always been wanting to do. It will be quite the adventure I'm sure! (Glad it's you and not me though ha ha) can't wait to see everything come together!

Website Feb. 14, 2017

nancy hochhalter

This is SO great Gwen! Looking forward to following and learning from your adventures!

Website Feb. 14, 2017

Kristen Morton

LOVE this! So glad you've started this blog. It'll be fun to keep up with all your adventures :) You've always been a trailblazer, looking forward to seeing what you do without any limitations!