Dec. 10, 2018

Shower blues

We take showers by heating up a 5 gallon bucket of water on the woodstove. Then the bucket is moved to the bathroom where we have a tub installed but no running water to it as of yet. There is a drain in the tub that runs to the exterior of our cabin where the grey water can drain into the woods. A 4 cup measuring cup is used to scoop the water out of the bucket and over your head. Get wet, soap up, rinse off. Simple. We get 2 showers out of 5 gallons.
Well, this summer we had discovered a portable shower head with a mini water pump on one end. It runs on batteries. You put the pump in the water bucket and hold the shower head to get a real shower! It's really great to mount the hand held shower head into the wall and stand under running water! We got spoiled.

A few weeks ago, the pump stopped working. We were pretty bummed. Back to dumping water over our heads with the measuring cup. Once we got down to the library in town so we could access the internet, I ordered a new pump. It showed up yesterday and now we have a shower again!!

It's pretty amazing how much you appreciate the simple things in life. Most people take for granted and never even think twice about what it would be like if they couldn't turn the faucet on and step into a hot shower. We know we appreciate it every day...