Dec. 10, 2018

We are craftsmen!

For the past 2 years we have lived with curtains over our kitchen cabinets as there were no doors present. It has been on our project list, continually bumped to the bottom as other projects took precedence. Finally, with a majority of our projects completed and winter weather upon us, we have built cabinet doors. Using left over 1x3's, 1x4's and 1x2's, we built them. I sawed and shaped the antlers off Nate's fall caribou to use as cabinet handles. I sanded the wood, Nate placed the pieces together and nailed them into cabinet doors.

We mounted the doors and were elated! They look fantastic! The only problem was, we ran out of wood, so unfortunately, we still have 2 cabinets left uncovered. No lumber store here, so we'll wait for spring when the road opens and we can the drive 10 hours into Fairbanks to get resupplied.

It's sooo nice to hear cabinet doors closing! We've learned to really appreciate the simple things...