Oct. 7, 2017

Winter is coming...

The month of September was a whirlwind of activity. Hunting, constructing, cutting firewood, harvesting the garden, processing game meat and getting ready for winter. 

While out on the Yukon River, about 80 miles downriver from Eagle, we found a public use cabin tucked away in the woods. We opted to stay at the cabin for our 3 day hunt for moose. It was built in the 1900's, the walls chinked with moss, a small cast iron woodstove inside, nails pounded thru the window coverings to keep out the bears. It was small. Three of us adults bunked in the cabin and the kids opted to sleep in the bear cache outside, elevated about 15 feet off the ground, to stay safe thru the night. There were some big grizzlies in the area! 

One evening we were sitting around the campfire telling stories, the northern lights danced brilliantly overhead, hues of blue, grren and purple streaked the sky. We whistled loudly, causing the lights to shift and dance across the sky. The crackling campfire and dancing lights added up to a perfect fall night in the deep wilderness. We laid back on the forest floor and star gazed the night away. It was incredible!

Nate got a moose. We were headed to a spot on an island in the river that looked promising. About 10 minutes in, as we were raking the brush with caribou shoulder blades to get a moose to respond, Nate called out for all to stop. He saw a moose. He had a perfect shot, took the animal with one shot and we began the hard part. Butchering and packing the meat out. The moose filled our freezer. Check out fall hunt 2017 pics in the photo album! 

A week later, we had to run to Tok (a 4 hour drive) to get chicken and hog feed for a friend who had run out of feed and couldnt get to Tok. On our way back home, we saw a bull caribou and Nate shot him. Another clean shot. More meat for the freezer. We should be well stocked with garden veggies, fish and wild game for the winter! 

Yesterday, we drove into Fairbanks to take the kids to the college for their SAT exams. While driving in, we were able to bag 5 ptarmigan and 1 grouse. Hopefully on the way home tomorrow, we will be blessed with more birds and fill the remaining holes in the freezer!

We are happy and healthy, and ready to take on old man winter!