Jun. 1, 2017

What a ride!

Sorry it's been awhile, lack of email access makes it difficult to keep this updated as frequently as I'd have liked. With that disclaimer, let me update you on our wonderful adventures...

We decided to haul another load up and by the graciousness of Ben Hunsaker and my dad, they helped us by caravaning 3 trailers loaded to the gills. We left Wasilla, later than we had planned, made pretty good time until we hit the Tok Junction. Massive frost heaves and broken roads slowed our progress to a crawl as we meandered north under heavy loads. We stopped in Tok to eat at Fast Eddies, excellent restaurant by the way. Fom Tok, the Taylor Highway beconed and we began the long journey north to the Yukon River on 6 hours of dirt and gravel roads. 

Arriving in Chicken to stretch our legs and check the loads, Ben discovered a massive fracture on a main weld under the front of his trailer, near the axles. He determined he couldn't proceed further. We spent an hour searching for a welder in the area, to no avail. Broke down on the side of the Taylor Highway, we were trying to figure out what to do next. Ben and Nate had gone back down the mountain to see if "Thor" (a potential welder in one of the gold mining areas) was available for hire. I was there with Dad and Vicki, waiting with the trailer, hoping for a miracle. 

As luck would have it and God chuckling at our misfortune decided to bestow us with a blessing, a welding truck drove up with two brothers in it. The eldest rolled down the window and pulled up, "Hey, Do you want me to fix that trailer for ya?" I think my response was a stunned utterance of "Absolutely!"

He and his brother hopped out, pulled out their welding equipment and went to work, welding the entire area along the broken weld and additionally some other areas that were fractured. Long story short, Nate and Ben returned, the welder boys fixed the trailer, I offered them cash and they declined, with a gracious statement, "just pay it forward." 

Talk about blessings. We were then able to continue on our travel, but Ben's truck kept overheating. We spent hours late into the night, getting all the trucks and trailers into Eagle, but we made it. We were so very greatful for the hard work and long hours everyone pitched in to assist us in the move.