Apr. 6, 2017

We arrived!

We left wasilla at 0600, too heavy on the first load, so 30 minutes into the trip, we had to turn back and unload half the trailer to get the weight down or risk destroying our truck and trailer. Several hours later after getting it reloaded, we hit the road again. Decent weather abound as we left around 1030, headed north.

During the trip, we seemed to be guided to Eagle on the wings of snowbirds. Large flocks of small white snowbirds were scattering over every hill, leading us north. Nate commented that there were so many birds around every corner, all flying ahead of us, northbound, it seemed like little white angels guided our way and the heavens sang.

We were happy to get to Tok and grab a pizza for the road. Once we arrived in Chicken, the road became rough, the pavement left behind and onto the poorly maintained road home we went. Our friend had met us in Chicken to pull our trailer up the mountain passes since his truck had chains and ours did not.

It took us 14 hours of driving to reach Eagle. As we were trying to pull into our buddies place to spend the night, he drove off the road, sinking our trailer in a snow bank in his driveway. We were so exhausted.

We unloaded our live plants and liquids we didnt want to freeze and headed to our new home. Luckily we had the power turned on the day before so we were able to walk in and turn on the lights.

Both of our stomachs sank when the lights came on. The foundation of the house had shifted and buckled the structure in the center of the cabin. The ceiling rafters were canted at a 15 degree angle toawrd the center of the place. The cabin was ice cold, our breath fogging as we stood there in stunned silence.

I went and tapped on the stovepipe, and creosote fell into the barrel stove. Not safe to try and light a fire, we pulled out the buddy heater and propane tank, fired it up and hoped we wouldnt freeze to death thru the night. We threw the mattress on the floor and piled all the blankets we could onto the bed.

Sheer exhaustion overcame us and we crashed, figuring we would deal with it all in the morning. Morning came and we were able to look around the place. Trying to be optimistic, we threw around ideas and possibilities. We were both overwhelmed and crushed seeing the state of the cabin.

We decided to buckle down, gut out all the ratty furniture left behind, clean the cobwebs from the walls and ceilings, dust and mop the hardwood floors. We have been cleaning since we got here. Nate was able to use a handyman jack to lift the front porch enough that I could slide braces under and level it enough that we can now shut the front door and stop the draft blowing thru the cabin.

We still have to climb under the house once the snow melts away to try and jack up the center. It is an adventure, alot of work and taxing on us both, but we are persevering and making it our home.

The library here is open on Thursdays so we will try and update the blog as we can. Thank you all for the prayers that helped us arrive here safely!!