Mar. 8, 2017

We found our new wood cookstove!

After much searching and deliberation, we decided to heat the house using an Elmira wood cookstove downstairs and a Jotul F100 woodstove upstairs. We will be picking up the Jotul stove tomorrow and the Elmira stove is being built for us in Canada now. It will be ready for pick up in about 8 weeks.

We leave in 22 days. The plan is to get the footprints for the stoves built and set for install. We will take the Jotul up with us first, then return to get the Elmira. 

In the summer, the Elmira has a propane cooktop option that we added so we wont have to fire up the woodstove. Baking will be done outdoors, as will most things since it gets up into the 80's in the summertime there.