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Feb. 14, 2017

Wyldwoodz Wilderness Retreat

Wyldwoodz Wilderness Retreat is now open. We are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization, which will be for disabled vets and police officers. Wounded warriors and wounded blue will be our focus. We are planning on providing outdoor recreation activities such as biking, hiking, rafting, fishing or just relax at our homestead. We are open year round and will be working with national organizations to accommodate individuals needing assistance with travel and expenses. Our retreat is a place for healing the soul and having a peaceful place to retreat to. We operate a working off grid homestead. Helping with chores is always an option! I

Our facility does not have running water, internet service or cell service as we are located in remote bush Alaska. The cabins we are building will have wood heat, beds, and a place to sit at a table. It is a true off grid remote experience!

We will offer classes on primitive survival skills, emergency preparedness and basic/intermediate/advanced outdoor survival in remote Alaska with day classes, overnight and week long expeditions into the Yukon territory to test your skills and bushcraft knowledge! 

Wyldwoodz is owned and operated by Nate, a disabled veteran, and Gwen, a retired police officer injured in the line of duty. We look forward to hearing from you!